Three Ways FINCA Celebrates the Customer Experience

With nearly 2 million clients around the world, the FINCA family strives to find effective ways to serve our clients better and keep them at the core of everything that we do, providing more than just loans and accounts.

October 6 was Customer Experience Day, a global day for organizations to honor their customers.

In celebration of the day, here are three ways of how our staff go above and beyond to create warm and trustful experiences for our clients.

We Educate


Our subsidiaries don’t just hand out loans – they educate our clients and their families on financial basics. Staff in Kyrgyzstan, for example, know how important it is teach the value of money at a young age. They have developed a special education program on financial literacy for schoolchildren. Partnering with Child and Youth Finance International, employees will be visiting schools across the country, providing fun and interactive workshops on financial literacy.

We Give Back to Clients

Marketing Manager donating bags of cement to a Chemusa Client (on the left of the pic) whose house got burnt(1)

When disasters or emergencies strike, our clients know that FINCA can be counted on for help. For example, earlier this year, when a client lost her house to a fire in Chemusa, Malawi, her FINCA branch staff rallied together to collect donations to purchase bags of cement for her new home.

We Give Back to the Community


Many of our branches have staff volunteer initiatives outside of financial and banking services to support the community they serve. In Pakistan, employees visited the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre this year, to spend time with children with cancer.