Two Female Farmers to Honor this International Day of Rural Women

This International Day of Rural Women (October 15), FINCA recognizes the hard work of millions of women working in farming and agriculture. Over a quarter of the world’s population are rural women and these women represent approximately 43 percent of the agricultural labor force.

Despite their importance, female farmers own less land than men. They also have limited access to seeds, livestock, supplies and loans to expand their farms.

Fortunately, these two female farmers discovered FINCA. With access to financial services, such as loans and savings accounts, they are able to grow their farming businesses and secure brighter futures for their families.

Madina Namanda, Uganda


Madina Namanda owns and operates a thriving wholesale, commercial pineapple plantation near her home in Kitengeesa, Uganda. Twice a year, she, along with her farm workers, harvests the pineapples by hand. Fifteen years ago, Madina received her first FINCA loan to purchase necessary items for her family. Since then, she has been through 47 loan cycles with FINCA, using the funds to grow her farm. Access to capital has allowed Madina to send two of her children to university.

Lala Yolchiyeva, Georgia

Lala Yolchiyeva FINCA Georgia Client

Lala Yolchiyeva lives in Ponichala, Georgia with her husband, son and her husband’s parents. To help support the family, she grows vegetables and other crops on a small farm. With a FINCA loan, Lala was able to purchase seeds and fertilizer in bulk to grow more vegetables. Her profits helped Lala to purchase a car to sell produce at bigger markets for higher prices.