This Father’s Day, Meet Three Inspiring Fathers

Every year in June, young and old children honor their fathers for helping to support their dreams. This Father’s Day, meet three, inspiring FINCA clients who are working hard to create opportunities and brighter futures for their children.

Ernesto Jose Morales, Nicaragua

Ernesto Jose Morales runs a pig farming business in the quiet town of San Rafael del Sur in Nicaragua. He buys pigs, feeds and cares for them and sells the meat to stores and restaurants in other towns and cities. With the profits from his business, Ernesto has been able to make a well in his home to access clean, drinking water and to purchase a fridge to store the meat from his pigs. His growing business also helps to feed his two children, one of which is handicapped. Ernesto is thankful that with FINCA loans he is able to maintain a business from his home, which allows him and his wife to tend to his handicapped child’s needs.

Patrick Gopani, Malawi

Patrick Gopani Malawi

As a young boy, Patrick Gopani struggled in school. When his father passed away, his incentive to study faded as there was nobody to pay for his tuition fees. As a result, he never completed primary school. As an adult, Patrick started his own grocery business and with the help of FINCA loans, was able to expand the inventory in his store. Today, he provides for a family of four children, ranging in ages from 3 to 15. As the sole breadwinner for the family, Patrick is able to give something to his children that his father wasn’t able to do – an education. Profits from his grocery business help to pay for his children’s tuition fees.

Lawrence Kakongi, Uganda

FINCA Lawrence Kakongi

As a long time Village Banking client in Rubundi, Uganda, Lawrence Kakongi has used FINCA loans to grow his small provision shop. With the proceeds from the store, he was able to invest some money into starting a small farm.  And with additional agricultural loans from FINCA, his farm now grows a variety of crops and is managed by two full-time employees. Lawrence is proud of his two businesses’ growth. But he is most proud of being able to send his oldest child to school thanks to the income from his shop and farm.