Taking Time to Give Back at FINCA Guatemala

With more than 35,000 clients in Guatemala, FINCA is well known here for supporting local entrepreneurs with small loans. Throughout its 28 branches, the staff works diligently to build relationships with their clients in order to help them build successful, sustainable businesses. In addition to all their hard work in the office, employees have gone above and beyond to reach out to those less fortunate and give back to the local community.

The staff at FINCA Guatemala has formed a partnership with local NGO, Hogar Luz de María, a local orphanage and care center that offers psychological, social, educational, legal, nutritional support and protection to children who have been abandoned, neglected or abused. For over a year, the staff has put on activities and collected donations to support the children who range in age from infant to 6 years old. Spearheaded by Heiddy Palencia, Human Resources Assistant at FINCA Guatemala Headquaters, the relationship with Hogar Luz de María has not only brought joy to the children but also the FINCA employees.

¨I started volunteering at the orphanage while I was a University Student and when I came to work here at FINCA, I started mentioning it to my co-workers¨ said Palencia ¨They were interested in getting involved, and ever since we have successful organized events for Christmas and other holidays throughout the year.¨
This past week, the staff organized an afternoon that included skits, a puppet show, songs and snacks for a 25 of the kids. Two local branches, Capital Terminal and Jalapa, were in charge of the skits while FINCA staff from all over Guatemala contributed money from their own pockets to cover expenses and support the needs of the orphanage with a donation of diapers, formula and food.

Taking time away from their busy schedules, the staff and management of FINCA Guatemala put on an entertaining and joyous event. Looking at the faces of the children and the employees, it was clear that the effort was well worth it. The positivity, love and encouragement shown by the staff will no doubt go a long way in the lives of these children. Events such as these are an important reminder that while FINCA´s mission is about improving the lives of its individual clients; it is also about creating lasting social change within the community at large.