International Podcast Day 2020: The Social Enterprise Podcast

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This International Podcast Day, dive into the world of social enterprise and impact investing by listening to episodes of The Social Enterprise Podcast. Hosted by FINCA International President and CEO Rupert Scofield, The Social Enterprise Podcast explores the challenges of starting, building and running a social enterprise. It features entrepreneurs, investors and thinkers from the sector sharing their experience and insights.

In the latest episode, Rupert chats with Michael Gordon, author and Professor of Social Entrepreneurial Studies at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Michael is the author of the book Becoming a Social Entrepreneur: Starting Out, Scaling Up and Staying True. They discuss the book, the state of the social enterprise sector, and responses to failures and crises, among other topics. Listeners of this episode can also download a free copy of Michael’s books, Inclusivity: Will America Find its Soul Again and 45 Tips for Successful Social Entrepreneurs at the link he provides during the discussion.


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