Saving Lives in Ukraine

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, FINCA has supported Sisu Global to deliver their flagship autotransfusion device to support saving lives in Ukraine. The device, called Hemafuse, enables surgeons to capture and reuse a trauma patient’s own blood. It is extremely useful in cases in which patients have massive blood loss. Equally importantly, unlike traditional transfusion devices, Hemafuse doesn’t need electricity. It is fully manually operated.

Sisu developed Hemafuse for use in sub-Saharan Africa where there is a shortage of donated blood and electric power is irregular. Due to the on-going war, donated blood also is in short supply in Ukraine. And access to electricity is an increasing concern in Ukraine hospitals, not to mention in trauma units close to the front lines.

Hemafuse in Ukraine

Dr. Konstantin recently explained how Hemafuse is saving lives in Ukraine. According to Dr. Konstantin, surgeons are using the device “when the patient has massive blood loss in the cavity of the human body, for example, an injury to the liver or spleen… The operating nurse places [the tip of the Hemafuse device] in the wound, which is sterile and draws blood from the wound into certain containers. After that, the blood returns to the vascular bed of the human body. The manipulation is very simple, but effective.”

By raising $55,000 early in the year, FINCA helped Sisu deliver a first batch of 500 units of Hemafuse (good for 500 surgeries) in April. By June, with another $55,000 being raised, Sisu sent 505 more surgeries worth of Hemafuse to Ukraine.

Since then, according to a report from our partner in Ukraine, “doctors have used Hemafuse to perform intraoperative blood transfusions when emergency blood supplies run low… Most operations using Hemafuse have been performed at the Kyiv Heart Institute, while other recipients include Kyiv Hospital No. 17, 10th City Clinical Hospital, Shalimov Institute, and Eb 117, a special military unit that is providing emergency care in the field. Hemafuse has allowed doctors to recycle blood from patients with internal bleeding, reducing the need for donor blood, and is serving as a critical, life-saving instrument in Ukraine at this very moment.”

Increased Need for Saving Lives in Ukraine

Demand for Hemafuse remains high in Ukraine. Hospitals across the country are urgently requesting units to treat patients in need of a blood transfusion. Many of the Hemafuse units delivered to date have gone to Kyiv. The focus now is on getting units to Kharkiv, closer to the front lines of the war. FINCA continues to seek donations to support the effort.

Our local partner recently conducted a training in Kharkiv.

You can help advance FINCA’s and Sisu’s effort in saving lives in Ukraine. Your financial support ensures that more of Ukrainian trauma patients get the care they need.