Rupert Scofield Visits the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

A few months ago, FINCA President and CEO, Rupert Scofield, traveled down to Nicaragua to find out how FINCA is helping to change people’s lives. FINCA has been in the “land of lakes and volcanoes” since 1992, providing Village Banking, individual loans, agricultural loans, micro-insurance and money transfer services.

“We now have over 50,000 clients here,” Rupert says. “Of which, 75 percent are women.”

During his visit, FINCA first met with Juana Cano, a busy soup seller in a market in Jinotepe who has been with FINCA for less than a year. She hopes to expand her business and keep working as long as she can.

He also met with Nelson Lopez who runs a nursery plant business. Nelson is grateful for FINCA’s services, as “the big banks don’t serve people like me.”

Rupert’s last stop was with a long-time FINCA client, Julia Ramirez. An inspirational woman, Julia spends much of her profits from her convenience store to provide food and games for the children in her neighborhood.

When asked what FINCA means to her, Julia tearfully replies, “A lot of motivation.”