Ring in 2016 With Holiday Recipes

Dec 28, 2015
Ring in 2016 With Holiday Recipes

The New Year is almost here and that means there are just a few days left to celebrate 2015 with friends and family! If you are celebrating the last days of 2015 at home, entertain your guests with recipes from three hard-working entrepreneurs in Honduras, Uganda and Zambia!

Madina Namanda’s Ugandan Pineapple Nut Bread

Across Uganda, small farmers are producing pineapples to make syrups, juices, jams and wines. One of Madina Namanda’s favorite fruit-based dishes is Pineapple Nut Bread. With Madina’s first FINCA loan of $40, she started farming pineapples. Today, she runs a 12-acre plantation that has helped to send two of her children to university.

Victoria Banda’s Zambian Greens in Peanut Sauce

Victoria Banda FINCA Zambia client

Ifisashi, a thick, buttery side dish of greens and peanuts, is an essential dish found on any table in Zambia as well as in Victoria Banda’s home. Victoria runs a small grocery shop to support her aging parents and two younger sisters. With the help of FINCA loans, she has been able to expand her shop’s inventory and increase her profits. Recently, she sent her younger sister to college with the increased profits from her store.


Ana Osorio’s Honduran Chicken and Rice


A staple in any Honduran’s home, Ana’s recipe for Chicken and Rice would spice up any holiday dinner! It wasn’t long ago when Ana herself couldn’t afford to purchase chicken or other meats to feed her children. Since becoming a FINCA client, Ana saves more money from her homemade cheese business and now provides her young children with healthy and balanced meals.