Raising Awareness about Global Poverty at re:Invent 2023

As a recent winner of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IMAGINE Grant for nonprofits, FINCA was invited to re:Invent 2023, a convention that took place last week in Las Vegas. The annual convention attracts the global cloud computing community. Over 65,000 people attended this year’s iteration, which featured daily keynote speeches, training and certification opportunities, and networking events. With a focus on raising awareness about global poverty, FINCA was among nonprofit organizations invited by AWS.

Generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) was a major theme of this year’s convention. AWS executives unveiled their latest innovations that help customers use technology to make real business gains. For example, Amazon Q was announced as a new type of generative AI assistant tailored to business needs. “Amazon Q is going to reduce the time it takes business analysts to create dashboards and reports from hours down to minutes,” said Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS.

Alongside these exciting announcements, FINCA’s staff attended sessions about using generative AI to increase the impact of nonprofits. On the first day, AWS organized a full day of technical sessions for nonprofits. One theme was “amplifying nonprofit donor and member experience with AI.” Later that day, FINCA participated in a round-table session about how AWS fosters a culture of innovation.

Awareness about Global Poverty on Giving Tuesday

The next day was Giving Tuesday, and FINCA’s staff actively engaged with technology leaders. The team highlighted FINCA’s mission to end global poverty. Meanwhile, Scott Graham, VP for Research and Data Science, and Anahit Tevosyan, Director of Research, presented about how FINCA uses technology to end global poverty. Their talk featured AuRA, an automated research assistant for data collection and analysis powered by artificial intelligence. With support of AWS tools, FINCA is developing AuRA to become a standardized tool for research. The ultimate objective is to reach more excluded communities and scale programs that aim to end global poverty.

Following Giving Tuesday, FINCA’s staff continued networking with tech professionals to raise awareness about global poverty. Many business leaders attended re:Invent 2023, some of which have partnered with FINCA on poverty alleviation programs.