Pilates Mom Fights Poverty

Ineke Rush Madsen, a devoted mother of three daughters, has supported FINCA for over ten years.  As a small business owner, she is passionate about FINCA’s mission and is dedicated to helping poor mothers in other countries cultivate their businesses as she has.

Ineke has grown her Pilates studio in Newark, California over the last few years.  Most recently, she opened a second location of her business.

“I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude that I am now able to pay my good fortune forward,” she said.  Ineke donates 5% of her studio’s profits to FINCA each month.

With the generous support of loyal donors like Ineke, FINCA continues to bring the life-changing power of financial inclusion to poor families on five continents.

Ineke’s involvement stems from her commitment “to helping other mothers transition from the poverty state.”  Having experienced financial hardships herself, Ineke understands how financial access can empower women.

She is also passionate about helping people to help themselves. “To really help somebody,” she says, “it’s important to meet them where they are.”

With the success of her small business, Ineke has witnessed the transformative power of access to finance.  Most importantly, Ineke is thankful for the flexibility her business gives her to spend time with her daughters and her husband.

I am inspired to continue to do what I can to help people – especially single parents – to bridge those gaps to better lives for themselves and their children…you can count on my continued support.