Lynn Yeh: A Passion to Change the World

The one word that comes to mind when her peers describe her is “passionate.” Lynn Yeh, one of FINCA International’s most loyal donors over the last 12 years, embodies passion to make the world a better place.

Lynn is retired from a career with the US Navy, where she says she was far from a conventional sailor. “I just went against the grain,” she said. Her passion to question the status quo is accompanied by a great thirst for knowledge. She has learned both Italian and Spanish, and she enjoys “staying on top of current science and what is going on in the world.”

She saw an extraordinary fit between FINCA’s mission and her values and began giving to FINCA in the early 2000s. Her initial involvement grew as she learned about microfinance, which impressed her as sustainable and capable of benefiting all individuals who lack access to financial services.

One billion women worldwide are financially excluded and forced to rely on cash-only transactions. Lynn is particularly passionate about FINCA’s efforts to empower poor women with financial access. She knows that access to microenterprise loans, secure no-cost savings accounts, mobile banking, and financial education helps these women cope and create their own opportunities.

Lynn believes that, “If everyone could live by the golden rule, living with passion, then many of our problems would fade.” Lynn and her husband Cary are two individuals driven to change the world, one project at a time, and they see FINCA as a means of doing just that.

We are very grateful to have the means and are certain to keep giving in the future!