New Advisory Council Amplifies FINCA’s Impact

Eric_Daniela_FINCA_Advisory Committee

Behind every strong social impact organization is a host of invaluable partners. FINCA’s partners include our supporters, our staff and Directors, our on-the-ground partners and—most importantly—the driven, hard-working women and men that FINCA serves. Ultimately, our success in helping our clients create brighter futures for themselves and their families is the result of an enormous community effort. To build on these partnerships and continue to drive our mission forward, this spring we launched a new Advisory Council. The Council brings together entrepreneurs and industry leaders committed to advancing innovative, market-based solutions to complex global problems.

Goal Focus of the Council

The Advisory Council’s goal this year is to help FINCA’s programs pivot to tackle the global challenges that have emerged as the coronavirus spreads across the globe. Council members meet regularly to deepen their understanding of the impact COVID-19 is having on the world’s poor and to better understand how FINCA and its network of partners can minimize risk and build stability and resilience for marginalized families.

Armed with a deep understanding of FINCA’s programs and their own professional experience and subject matter expertise, Council members advise FINCA on building strong, strategic partnerships as we forge a new path ahead. They also help FINCA’s staff and Board consider how to leverage the Emergency Response Fund to do the most good for families in need and the critical social businesses that serve them.

Advisory Council Co-Chairs

The Council is co-chaired by longtime donor Eric Chern, Co-Founder of Chicago Trading Company, and FINCA International board member Daniela Mielke, North American CEO of RS2 Software, a global payment processing company. We’re grateful for all the partners who make FINCA’s life-changing work possible and look forward to sharing updates on how this Council is amplifying the impact of your gifts.