Making the Most of Corporate Matching Gifts

Gunter and Anni Rosendahl

Let’s all take a moment to wish Gunter Rosendahl a happy 87th birthday by following in his philanthropic footsteps and making the most of corporate matching gifts! Like many FINCA donors, Gunter learned about FINCA’s mission through literature he received in the mail. When reading about FINCA’s work, Gunter was moved by Eucharia Nwanguma’s story “New Hope and Opportunity in Nigeria.”

Eucharia’s Story

Eucharia, a widowed mother of six children, used to sell yams and peanuts with her late husband at the Onuwa Market in the southern city of Owerri. When Eucharia’s husband passed away, life became much harder for her and her children. To make ends meet Eucharia got together with like-minded businesspeople in her community to share production costs. When they learned about the new FINCA branch in Owerri, they formed a Village Bank to share and guarantee one another’s loans. Thanks to that FINCA loan, Eucharia’s income stream increased and she could better support her family.

Eucharia Nwanguma, FINCA Nigeria client
Eucharia has worked hard to make the most of her loan from FINCA Nigeria.

Eucharia’s story is perfect example of FINCA’s mission: alleviating poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living. FINCA’s mission and message resonate with Gunter, saying he “supports FINCA due to its mission of market-based solutions to global problems.”

Small loans empower entrepreneurs to start or expand micro, small, and medium enterprises. Our BrightLife program puts the power of solar energy into the hands of the people living in darkness at a price they can afford. And by supporting new social enterprises in the delivery of everything from water and sanitation to healthcare and market access, FINCA Ventures is using market mechanisms to solve even more of the “intractable” problems of poverty.

Making the Most of Corporate Matching Gifts

Gunter along with his wife, Anni, have been annual donors for decades. As a retiree of Illinois Tool Works, Gunter makes his contributions to FINCA go further by always applying for his former company’s 3-to-1 matching gift. He’s not shy about making the most of matching gifts. While not all employers are as generous as Illinois Tool Works, if you think your employer may match philanthropic gifts, Gunter encourages you to find out and apply. “It’s free money,” he says.

Even though Gunter is retired, he knows he’s not too old to do his humanitarian duty. Through FINCA he knows that he’s helping hardworking women like Eucharia take their dreams further every day. And he also knows that these entrepreneurs help not just themselves and their families but also their communities.

Expanding the Circle

FINCA’s mission to raise the standard of living for millions of underprivileged people around the world as so inspiring that Gunter decided to advocate that his church begin a fundraising campaign for FINCA. Given his passion and dedication, it’s a fair bet that Gunter request will be well-received.

If, like Gunter, you would like to extend a hand to those living in poverty around the world, consider donating to FINCA today. And don’t forget to apply for a corporate match if you can.