Legacy in Action: FINCA’s Commitment to Combating Inequity

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated on the third Monday of January each year to recognize and appreciate Dr. King Jr.’s significant contributions to the demand for racial equality for African Americans and social justice for all.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was committed to overcoming injustice and pushed for peaceful resistance as a strategy of ending racial oppression. With organized sit-ins, marches, and peaceful demonstrations that highlighted concerns of inequity, he was able to effect change.

Promoting Equality and Equity Through Financial Inclusion

A crucial part of FINCA’s mission is to integrate financial inclusion into the process of promoting equality and equity. FINCA aims to alleviate poverty all around the world by increasing access to financial services for people who have been historically marginalized by the financial industry.

While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted lives and businesses, FINCA continued to provide services to underserved populations including small business loans, savings, insurance, and mobile banking. These services empower families and communities to build small businesses of their own, gain employment, and financial independence in their communities on their own terms.

Incorporating Equity into Everyday Life

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message is perfectly aligned with FINCA’s dedication to identifying and resolving poverty and inequity in underserved communities.

FINCA’s #EquityPersonified campaign is changing the narrative around social justice by mobilizing and promoting messages of inclusion, and it aims to inspire others to join the broader, intersectional fight for inclusivity and equality. FINCA has enlisted the help of brand ambassadors, who play a key role in representing the organization and inspiring people in their networks to live lives that are “equity personified.”

The brand ambassadors also speak about our work and the relevance of FINCA’s mission and values, as well as supporting FINCA’s other digital activities. Since initiating the brand ambassador campaign in the spring, FINCA’s ambassadors have used social media graphics and other promotional content to boost visibility and awareness of the global demand for equality, social justice, and peace.

This year marks the 27th anniversary of the national day of service honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A day set aside to commemorate his life and legacy, as well as to inspire all Americans to volunteer in their communities. A great way to observe this notable holiday is to join the FINCA Brand Ambassadors program. Visit FINCA.org/Ambassador to learn more and to contribute to a world that is more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.