International Women's Day Event

Feb 23, 2024
International Women's Day Event

FINCA is live streaming an International Women’s Day event on Thursday, March 7 at 2:00pm EST (11:00am PDT / 7:00pm UTC). The live stream will feature Andrée Simon and Lucy Lee Helm. Andrée is the CEO of FINCA International. Lucy is the Board Chair of Mercy Corps and a former executive vice president at a top-ranked Fortune 500 company.

Inspire Inclusion

“Inspire Inclusion” is the theme for International Women’s Day events in 2024. As such, Andrée and Lucy will focus their discussion on what women in leadership in the corporate and non-profit worlds have done and can do to inspire their organizations and the communities they serve to be more inclusive.

Given that definitions of diversity and inclusion vary from country to country, Andrée and Lucy will explore how to develop institutional principals that are universal but still take into account local values and context. Andrée and Lucy also will delve into how to measure success. What counts as an amazing success in one region might just be passable performance in another.

 Join FINCA for this International Women's Day event.

Throughout the conversation, Andrée and Lucy will examine how more equitable gender representation is making their organizations stronger. And drawing from their personal experiences, they’ll explore challenges they’ve faced (and surmounted) throughout their careers as well as where they found opportunity and support.

Join Us for this International Women’s Day event

FINCA will stream the International Women’s Day event on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as hosting it on our website. To join the live stream, follow us on one or all of those platforms (and make sure you have notifications for live events turned on), register for the event to receive a calendar invite with the link, or check back here on Thursday, March 7.

While Andrée and Lucy are talking, FINCA staff will respond live to comments and questions. So please do come prepared to be an active participant. The more people in the conversation, the better. We look forward to having you join us on the 7th.