International Day of Peace: How FINCA is Working to Make the World More Equitable

Every year on September 21, we are reminded to reinforce global peace values. The International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day) was established in 1981 by the UN General Assembly to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples. And in 2001, the UN General Assembly decided unanimously to declare the day as a moment of nonviolence and cease-fire.

The International Day of Peace is an uplifting reminder of what we can do together at a time when violence and injustices frequently dominate our news cycles.

Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World

This year’s theme, recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world acknowledges the need to recover more effectively to build a more equitable and sustainable world as we heal from the effects of COVID-19.

Over 687 million COVID-19 vaccine doses were provided globally by April 2021, but vaccinations are still scarce or unavailable in more than 100 countries, and the rise in COVID variations is even more alarming. What’s more, the pandemic was accompanied by an increase in stigma, discrimination, and injustice, all of which added to the death toll rather than saving lives. The International Day of Peace offers a reminder that we are not each other’s enemy and it is important that we continue to promote social justice and equitable solutions that will help to recover and rebuild from the devastation of the pandemic.

We must also make peace with nature. While efforts have been made to curb the spread of the virus through travel restrictions and economic shutdowns, climate change remains a worldwide issue. We must work together to foster a green and sustainable global economy that creates jobs, reduces emissions, and builds resilience to climate impacts.

FINCA is Dedicated to Making the World a More Just, Equal, and Inclusive Place

In addition to eliminating poverty, FINCA understands the importance of fighting for social justice and encouraging peace and open-mindedness to foster acceptance of people across all genders, races, and nations. We realize that, as an organization dedicated to bringing financial inclusion to people in underserved and rural communities, we must broaden our efforts to identify the individualized needs of specific populations worldwide and take action to address those needs and encourage others to do the same.

To encourage a stronger culture of peace, we implemented the FINCA Brand Ambassador program. The program highlights our #EquityPersonified campaign, which is designed to shift the narrative around social justice by focusing attention on the low-income and marginalized people most affected by inequity. Our goal is to mobilize and amplify messages of equality and inclusion and inspire our clients and supporters to join the broader, intersectional fight for racial justice by applying equitable practices and actions in their everyday lives.

Our digital advocates play influential roles in representing our organization and motivating others in their communities to be #EquityPersonified in their daily lives. They also play a key part in speaking about FINCA’s work and the importance of our mission and values.

Life is easier when there is peace, and we turn to those who have been peacemakers and peacekeepers to understand what we each can do to make the world a more peaceful place. One of the many ways that you can commemorate International Day of Peace this year and help raise awareness for the voices and stories of people who face the greatest inequities is by becoming an ambassador for FINCA.

Apply today to become #EquityPersonified and help us build a more just world!