Infographic: Assessing Household Poverty & Living Standards in Jordan


Designing products and services that benefit peoples’ lives begins with understanding their day-to-day realities. FINCA is constantly collecting data about the living standards and businesses of clients around the world.

FINCA’s Research team, led by Scott Graham and Anahit Tevosyan, conducted household surveys among FINCA clients in Jordan, with support from Clifford Chance Foundation.

Findings indicate strong outreach among traditionally unbanked or excluded populations. FINCA Jordan borrowers are 90 percent women—the highest number across the FINCA Impact Finance network. Forty percent of borrowers live in rural areas and more than a third live below the international poverty line. Nearly half of FINCA Jordan borrowers are below the age of 25.

While access to basic services is available to most borrowers, daily challenges remain. About 15 percent of client families are food insecure, unable to eat enough because of money shortages. And 13 percent of clients cited that health care services are unaffordable.

Review the infographic below for a visual summary of the survey findings.

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