Improving Lives Through Energy Independence: FINCA’s BrightLife Program


FINCA recently produced a short documentary to highlight the impact of BrightLife’s efforts to give rural communities in Uganda affordable, clean, and long-term energy solutions. BrightLife’s robust sales and distribution system reaches and satisfies the beneficiary’s need for a clean and affordable energy source by delivering the energy solution to the beneficiary’s homestead, collecting payments, installing the system, and providing after-sales services to ensure the product runs as intended.

Furthermore, the documentary features customer testimonials that reaffirm the benefits and successful use of the BrightLife solar products demonstrating the positive impact on health, education, environment, and access to information in the rural communities of Uganda.

A Commitment to Clean Energy Access

As part of its mission to alleviate poverty, and to support the UN Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring clean and affordable energy to all, FINCA, through BrightLife, plans to provide access to clean and renewable energy to 1 million Ugandans in the coming years.

To learn more about FINCA’s BrightLife program, view the documentary here.