Human Rights Day: How FINCA Supports Human Rights

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Every year on December 10th, organizations and individuals around the world celebrate Human Rights Day. It was established in 1948, on the day the United Nations (UN) General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This declaration was monumental in furthering human rights regardless of any biases or prejudices. Over 70 years later, the UN continues to highlight this day, bringing attention to the most pressing human rights issues.

This year’s Human Rights Day theme is: Recover Better – Stand up for Human Rights. Not surprisingly, this theme centers on the COVID-19 pandemic and how recovery efforts should focus on ensuring human rights in order to build back better. The goals of this theme directly align with FINCA’s initiatives for alleviating poverty and optimizing social impact.

Read on to learn how the various aspects of the 2020 theme tie into FINCA’s mission.

Ending Discrimination and Addressing Inequalities

Discrimination is an extremely pertinent issue, and it has been particularly present this year. It has directly contributed to the growing inequality and crises faced by people around the world. FINCA has been working to end discrimination in the financial sector by developing strategies to curb the problem of financial exclusion and banking discrimination. Financial exclusion refers to people who are excluded by the financial sector and their services. This can be because of socio-economic status, and this exclusion makes it difficult for individuals to access the resources they need.

To fight this financial discrimination, FINCA provides the needed financial services to clients around the world. Regardless of their financial history or social status, people can take out loans and access many kinds of financial services. This aids low-income individuals and communities and helps end the injustice of financial discrimination.

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Encouraging Participation and Solidarity

In order to create a better post COVID-19 world, organizations and individuals need to help those who are most vulnerable. And, unfortunately, low-income communities will be most negatively impacted by this crisis.

FINCA quickly responded to this call to action to help the most vulnerable by creating the FINCA Emergency Response Fund. This fund provides relief to low-income entrepreneurs and communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and aid to social enterprises working within these communities. The fund also supports using FINCA’s extensive community-based network to provide public health messaging and expand distribution of relief supplies in the countries where we work. These efforts are essential in bridging the gap between the most vulnerable populations and the aid they need to survive and recover better.

Promoting Sustainable Development

Though crucial prior to the pandemic, sustainable development is also an important part of recovery and building back better. Contributing to this goal, FINCA had already invested in many life-changing social enterprises and solutions through our FINCA Ventures program. Our investees are dedicated to social impact and providing innovative, sustainable solutions to various problems faced by low-income communities. These enterprises span a range of industries, including agriculture, education, energy and health.

In addition to FINCA Ventures, we support sustainable development across all facets of our operations, which coincides with another groundbreaking UN initiative. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the main pillars for human rights. These 17 goals work to achieve a better and more sustainable planet for everyone. FINCA actively contributes to 15 SDGs, through our impactful microfinance services, Brightlife program, FINCA Forward, and FINCA Ventures. The expansion of human rights relies upon the progress of the SDGs, which is why it is so important to uphold them in every capacity.

FINCA Supports Human Rights Day through FINCA Ventures Partners

FINCA’s Dedication to Human Rights Day and Recovering Better

On this Human Rights Day, FINCA continues to show support for the recovery and betterment of all people, especially those most vulnerable. Through our services, we fight against financial exclusion and bias, furthering the mission to end inequality. Our Emergency Response Fund brings aid and relief to our clients globally. And our commitment to contribute to the SDGs is shown in the initiatives and enterprises we back. FINCA is working everyday to improve the lives of our clients and ensure that they can recover better.