How a BrightLife Solar Lamp is Installed

solar light installation

Jane Namusisi’s small home used to be full of darkness. She and a billion other people live off the electrical grid – often relying on the use of harmful kerosene lamps to light their homes. The toxic smoke from kerosene can cause a variety of health problems, including lung cancer and pneumonia. Kerosene also contributes to environmental damage, emitting black carbon and is a leading cause of accidental fires in the home.

All of these factors used to worry Jane. With solar lamps, however, Jane doesn’t worry about these realities anymore. Through our BrightLife program, FINCA is helping thousands of families access clean and safe energy in their homes and businesses.

In just under a couple of hours, FINCA’s BrightLife staff were able to install a home solar system in Jane’s small and modest home.  Here is how:

1. Installing the solar panel

solar light installation

A technician climbs to the roof of the home to install a small, solar panel. Our BrightLife home solar systems can power three to four lamps in the home.

2. Training the client

solar light installation

While the technician works on the roof, a BrightLife agent educates the family on how to use the charging port.

3. Placing the solar lamps

solar light installation

Once the solar panel is perfectly positioned on the roof, the technician installs the lamps in the home. Each of these lamps is ten times brighter than a kerosene lamp and run up to 14 hours on a single charge.

4. Testing the solar home system

solar light installation

With the lamps in place, the BrightLife agent tests the device and trains the family on how to power their new lights.

5. Charging mobile phones

solar light installation

In many countries, families have to walk to their nearest market just to charge their phone. With BrightLife solar systems, clients like Jane can charge her mobile phone right on her solar panel device. Jane lets her neighbors charge their phones as well, saving them time and money from having to go to the nearby store for phone charging.

6. Living a brighter life

solar light installation

With their new home system installed, Jane and her family can enjoy the new light in their home, especially at night. She has three solar lights hanging from her ceiling: on in the main room, one in the kitchen, and one on the porch. With solar lamps in the main room, her grandchildren can study for school well into the night. With a solar lamp on her porch, Jane can feel secure knowing who is walking by her home.

“I am so excited to get light inside and outside of my home,” Jane says.