Herbert Stein: Supporter of FINCA for Over 16 Years

Herb Stein of Washingtonville, NY has personally felt and seen the debilitating effects of poverty. His own experience with poverty earlier in his life and his travels in Central and South America have deeply influenced his relationship with FINCA. Inspired by his past and travels, Herb has been a monthly FINCA supporter since October 2000!

Herb said he supports FINCA because FINCA aims not only to provide a loan that alleviates our clients’ financial struggles in the short-term, but also creates a platform for growth for years to come.

For Herb, FINCA seemed like a nice way to share some of his wealth. And over 16 years, his commitment has impacted scores of FINCA clients around the world, empowering them to build businesses and better provide for their children.

Thank you, Herb, for your continued support and vision for our clients’ futures!