The Helping Hand of a Loan Officer

FINCA’s success in locating clients selected for FCAT interviews is very heavily dependent upon the loan officers’ willingness to offer a helping hand. Although we only ask that they place a phone call to contact clients, some loan officers offer to walk an extra mile like Rasul Zoirov of FINCA’s Dushanbe branch did today. Yesterday, he not only phoned the client and arranged a place to meet since she does not have a constant place of business – he cut his lunch short and drove us to her location to introduce us.

Today, Rasul exceeded our expectations again. He spent two hours driving and two hours hiking (in the rain) with us so we could locate his client who lives in the mountains in Varzob. The road was too flooded to drive on, and Rasul showed us how to repair it and helped us carry stones that were used in the process.

We cannot express enough our thanks to the loan officers like Rasul who went out of their way to help us.