FINCA’s Tree of Abundance

Ever wonder about our logo, featuring the FINCA tree of abundance? The tiny seedling at the base of the logo symbolizes FINCA’s financial services and solutions, enabling our entrepreneurial clients to become pioneers in changing their lives and to grow their businesses into vehicles of strength and opportunity, like a large and strong tree.

This symbolism was the impetus of a new, award-winning campaign from our staff at FINCA’s Georgia subsidiary. The awareness-building campaign was conceived to educate more clients about new financial services in Georgia.

After 17 years of serving low-income clients with access to loan and credit products, FINCA’s Georgia subsidiary, like many other of our subsidiaries, transitioned to a full-service financial institution two years ago. Not only can Georgian clients access loans, but they can now open savings accounts, enabling greater opportunity and security for their future and their families.

Mariam Esebua, Head of Marketing in Georgia, said “the creative concept was built around the idea that FINCA is always ready to support people who want to create something new, better and different. The tree is visualized in many locations throughout the video as a symbol of support to help our clients create brighter futures!

The video was shot in Georgia, by Windfors, a creative agency.