FINCA Staff Complete the A2E Leadership for Nonprofits Program by

Over the past few months, the FINCA team engaged in a leadership program presented by The Ability to Execute (A2E) leadership for nonprofits program is designed to empower professionals with a new way of working and build the capacity needed to drive and sustain organizational change. The program featured ten proven leadership principles that will help staff execute FINCA’s mission. Two other organizations, Kiva and Khan Academy, joined FINCA on this journey.

The A2E leadership for nonprofits program aligns participants with a common definition of what great leadership looks like. Regardless of their role, leaders across FINCA have already started applying these principles to the “moments of leadership” that they face every day. The program includes a series of workshops, small group discussions, digital learning, and assessment. At the conclusion of the program, 25 FINCA employees earned digital verifiable badges from, known as the Credly Badge.

Embracing Leadership Principles at FINCA

“The A2E leadership program helped me understand what it means to be a leader in a nonprofit,” said Raymond Moore, Employee Engagement and Corporate Partnership Officer. “We all had the opportunity to attend workshops, small group meetings, and a CEO fireside chat. All of these activities focused on how to become better individual, team, and mission leaders. We now have the tools to embrace chaos, create space, and help others succeed. I look forward to the next chapter of the leadership program internally at FINCA,” he continued. Raymond Moore managed FINCA’s relationship with the facilitators of the leadership program for nonprofits at His continued dedication encouraged 75% of FINCA staff to complete the program requirements and earn a Credly Badge.

Similarly, FINCA participants echoed Raymond’s experience with the leadership for nonprofits program. Here is what some of them had to say:

“I appreciated the opportunity to share this experience with both my FINCA colleagues as well as peers at Kiva and Khan Academy. It was a wonderful reminder of how great, committed, and talented people are dedicating themselves to improving the lives of others. As for the program, I experienced the most growth as a team lead. It gave me the opportunity to put some of the concepts and tools into practice in a way that might be more difficult in my day to day. I am encouraged by the fact that I am already seeing my colleagues at FINCA incorporate some of the A2E learnings.”
Julie Houser, Associate Director of People & Organizational Development

“I was lucky enough to have a committed team lead who was a great facilitator. I really enjoyed getting to understand how other organizations muddle through similar challenges and took a lot from those conversations.”
Leslie Enright, Director of Business Development

“Isabel was a really great team lead for our group. She has guided each of our conversations over the past few months in a fun and enjoyable way. I appreciate her leadership of our team and how she effectively ‘created the space’ to ensure that each person contributed and that we all listened to each other, even when we had varied opinions on the subject matter.”
Wamaitha Gachugu, Accounts Payable and Administration Coordinator

“Great that the program is broken into clear and comprehensible principles that resonate well with most people in a leadership role, but also allows flexibility in leadership style based on different team dynamics.”
Drew Boshell, Executive Director FINCA Canada

“This program included a good balance of well-known and novel concepts. I’m eager to apply them to daily work processes and the overall application of these principles and tools by FINCA!”
RJ Cheremond, Communications Manager

“I had the pleasure of studying the principles of leadership with a wonderful group of peers. It was inspiring to witness how everyone shared their personal experiences and described the tools they’ve applied in their own practice of leadership. Our discussions were filled with warmth, support, and a genuine desire to learn from one another. Working with this exceptional team has been a transformative experience, leaving a memorable impact on my understanding of effective leadership.”
Irina Kunovskaya, Director of Data Management and Analytics

Leadership for Nonprofits in Six Words

At the conclusion of the program, our staff described what leadership for nonprofits means to them in just six words. Here is some of what FINCA shared:

“Leadership is a continuous learning journey.”
Courtney Clark, Senior Manager, Philanthropy

“Always stay true to your principles.”
Omer Imtiazuddin, Managing Director, FINCA Ventures

“Making a difference is my goal.”
Molly Hollowell, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

“Break barriers, be positive, and shine!”
Omar Chaikhouni, Marketing Manager, Strategic Audiences

“Strong teams can make big change!”
Colleen Zakrewsky, Senior Vice President, Business Development and External Relations

“Be introspective. Communicate rationale and intentions.”
Bob Price, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications

“Trust yourself and those around you.”
Iris Sagi, Director of Philanthropy

“Good leaders are born – and made.”
Scott Graham, Vice President for Research and Data Science