FINCA Speaker Series with Charu Adesnik

FINCA Speaker Series. Thursday, May 23rd at 1pm ET. Featuring Charu Adesnik and Andree Simon.

In the second episode of the FINCA Speaker Series, we will live stream a conversation between Andrée Simon and Charu Adesnik on Thursday, May 23 at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PDT / 5:00pm UTC). Andrée is the CEO of FINCA International. Charu is the Executive Director of the Cisco Foundation as well as the Director of Social Impact and Innovation Investments at Cisco Systems.

Ambition and Impact

Making a difference in the world isn’t easy. Andrée and Charu will discuss the ambitious goals that their two organizations have set, their plans to achieve them, and the importance of transparency in reporting out impact.

Andrée and Charu also will explore the power of collaboration between sectors to advance shared social goals. The connection between FINCA and CISCO is pretty straight-forward. FINCA provides financial empowerment through the delivery of small loans, secure savings and other services to underserved communities. For FINCA, technology is the key to driving down costs and reducing the burden on its customers. And CISCO focuses on using technology and innovation to solve social problems.

Join Us for this Special FINCA Speaker Series event

FINCA will stream this special event on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. To join the live stream, follow us on one or all of those platforms (and make sure you have notifications for live events turned on), register for the event to receive a calendar invite with the link, or check back here on May 23.

While Andrée and Charu are talking, FINCA staff will respond live to comments and questions. So please come prepared to be an active participant. The more people in the conversation, the better. We look forward to having you join us on the 23rd.