FINCA Malawi Named 2014 Best Service Provider

Last month at Malawi’s 26th Annual International Trade Fair FINCA Malawi was awarded the title of “Best Service Provider” and featured on the front page of Malawi’s Maravi Post.

A number of factors contributed to FINCA Malawi’s success, all centered around their dedication to customer service. Despite facing difficult economic times—including local famine, credit crunches, and currency devaluations—FINCA Malawi continued to make loans to Malawi’s poorest and neediest. To better serve clients, FINCA Malawi launched a new customer-care training program for all its staff. Additionally, FINCA Malawi has revamped their system for resolving customer complaints in a more timely manner. Clients can easily access information not only about FINCA’s services, but also about how the competitors’ services compare.

Founded in 1994, over the past decade FINCA Malawi has grown to serve now over 40,000 clients at 22 locations across the country. With over half of the population living below the poverty line and 4 of every 5 people excluded from traditional financial services, Malawi is one of the poorest countries on earth. Despite these challenges, FINCA Malawi has made a meaningful impact in the lives of thousands. Their recent “Best Service Provider” award recognizes FINCA Malawi’s commitment to the FINCA values of trust, warmth and responsible banking. Keep up the great work!