FINCA Azerbaijan Awards Students

FINCA Azerbaijan scholarship recipient

One of FINCA’s primary goals is to help clients generate enough income so that their children can stay in school. For those whose children make it all the way through secondary school, family finances might make university study an impossibility, but not for the children of some FINCA Azerbaijan clients.

In November 2013, FINCA Azerbaijan awarded eighteen scholarships to clients’ children who had been accepted into universities but who lacked the financial wherewithal to attend. One scholarship recipient is Farida Aliyeva, who recently began her studies at Baku State University. Farida said she heard about the scholarship program when she read a text message from FINCA on her father’s cell phone. Her father, Mobil Aliyev, is grateful that FINCA is so committed to helping Azerbaijan youth, and he is thrilled that his daughter can do more than just dream about going to university!