Excelling with EdTech in Kenya

Phancy Accessing Shupavu EdTechon Smartphone

Phancy Anyango is a driven 15-year-old. She loves learning and she’s very competitive. Yet, like many of her fellow Gen Zers, Phancy struggles with the conventional learning environment. She is more comfortable accessing knowledge and information online rather than through hard-copy textbooks.

That’s why her mother, Jemimah, signed her up for Shupavu, a phone-based learning platform offered by FINCA partner Eneza Education in Kenya. “I am for the idea of including learning on phones because it works for my daughter who doesn’t like reading textbooks,” says Jemimah.

Shapavu uses SMS texting to provide students with a curriculum for a variety of subjects at multiple grade levels. It includes access to textbooks, lessons, quizzes, and a “Ask a Teacher” direct messaging feature. It costs only 4 Kenyan shillings (4 cents USD) per day, which is about the same price as buying a piece of candy in Kenya. For that price, the user has access to unlimited messaging with Shapavu.

Scoring Higher with the Shupavu EdTech

Phancy uses her mother’s smartphone to access Shupavu. Since signing up for the service, Phancy’s school scores have significantly improved. Previously, she would score 250 out of 500 marks in her exams at the public school she attends. After joining Shupavu, Phancy became one of only 10 people (out of 250 students in her grade) who scored 300 marks in the recent exams. 

Shapavu encouraged me so much. It helped me pass subjects that I didn’t know the most about, like mathematics. They explain things quite clearly, and I understand it.”

Phancy Anyango

Phancy found the Shupavu EdTech particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. She says that it helped her keep up with schoolwork while classes were canceled or suspended. She continues to use the service daily, spending about two hours on it at home after school. She is currently studying ahead on Shapavu and taking lessons meant for the next grade level. Her dream is to go all the way to college and become a journalist after she completes her education.