Brookings Report Ranks Country Progress on Financial Inclusion

How well are countries addressing needs of financial inclusion in bringing critical financial services to the unbanked? This is a question a recent study by the Brookings Institution aimed to answer.

The 2016 Brookings Financial and Digital Inclusion Project Report aims to analyze financial inclusion environments in 26 countries based on four key indicators: country commitment, mobile capacity, regulatory environment, and adoption of selected traditional and digital financial services.

Of these 26 countries analyzed in the report, several are nations that FINCA has programs in: Haiti, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

So how did these countries fare? Overall, of the ten FINCA locations, Uganda fared especially well. Ranked at #5 with a 78 percent overall score, the report found that the expansion of mobile money services has helped to facilitate greater access to basic financial services for Ugandans.

View the interactive chart and the full report here.