Breaking Barriers: Stories of Women Leaders at FINCA

FINCA women clients in Uganda

In every corner of the world, women are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and paving the way for change. At FINCA, we are proud to celebrate the remarkable journeys of our women leaders who have demonstrated exceptional courage, resilience, and perseverance in their communities. 

Women’s empowerment is fundamental to our mission of ending global poverty. Since its founding, FINCA has built a track record of supporting women entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers. Cultural and social barriers can hamper a woman’s ability to access financing to grow her business. As a result, women are more likely to face poverty compared to men. To support FINCA women clients, we provide financial products and training specifically designed for them. Today, women represent roughly 44% of our global client base.  

Stories of FINCA Women Leaders 

FINCA also employs women leaders in 15 developing countries around the world. Their professional and leadership development is a priority for FINCA’s top management team, which itself includes many women. Globally, women represent roughly 45% of our staff, and we continue to work towards gender parity. Here are some of their stories: 

In Nigeria, Francisca Amuziem’s journey with FINCA began as a loan officer in 2014. Her dedication and passion for empowering others have earned her numerous promotions and accolades and today she manages FINCA Nigeria’s largest branch. Francisca takes pride in mentoring aspiring leaders within FINCA, witnessing their growth and accomplishments firsthand. Despite the challenges of balancing work and family life, she finds solace in FINCA’s inclusive culture and supportive community, where hard work is recognized and rewarded. 

Another example is Maali AlTakhayneh, a regional manager at FINCA Jordan. She said she faced challenges as a working woman in her community. Despite societal barriers and cultural norms that discourage women from pursuing careers, she persevered. With the encouragement of her manager, Maali excelled in her role, uplifting her branch in portfolio management and team leadership. “I was able to prove myself in my community as a working woman. The values of FINCA and the training provided to me enabled me to develop my skill set and learn,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Nuvin Jatala, who is based in Pakistan, is FINCA’s Global Shared Services Center Director. From her initial role in IT to her current position in strategy, Nuvin credits FINCA’s developmental programs and collaborative culture for her growth and success. In her career with FINCA, she was involved in the implementation of new fintech applications, like the mobile wallet. “I have been able to step outside my primary field of technology and manage other functions like strategy and products, for some time, which was quite enriching,” she said.

Connecting Women with Opportunity  

These profiles underscore FINCA’s unwavering commitment to gender equality, empowerment, and inclusive leadership. In all our global offices, we continue to connect women with opportunities. For example, 20 FINCA Kyrgyzstan women employees participated in Google’s #IAmRemarkable workshop. This global initiative encourages women and members of other under-represented groups to share their success stories. For more information on #IAmRemarkable, watch this video

As we continue to champion women’s rights and opportunities worldwide, we draw inspiration from the resilience and achievements of FINCA’s remarkable women leaders. Together, we strive to connect women with opportunities to create a more equitable and prosperous future for all.