Alleviating Global Poverty in 2022: Why Your Impact Matters

Women harvesting cashews in Mtwara, Tanzania

Last month, FINCA International hosted a program update webinar highlighting our efforts to alleviate global poverty in 2022. Since the beginning of this year, new global realities emerged because of the war in Ukraine which contributed to rising inflation. Higher energy and food prices continue to cause alarm among international human development organizations. The current economic circumstances pose a formidable challenge to many countries in Africa and Latin America, where FINCA supports services such as microfinance, clean energy, food production, healthcare, and other essential needs.

The webinar updated donors about various FINCA programs. FINCA’s microfinance operations continue to serve communities and entrepreneurs in need of financial support. FINCA’s research team presented data from the field about the dire food insecurity situation facing people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti. FINCA Ventures expanded its reach by investing in two new social enterprises. The webinar also featured stories from Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania following field visits by FINCA staff.

How FINCA is Reducing the Threat of Food Insecurity

Several international organizations, such as the World Food Program, are sounding the alarm about the threat of food insecurity. Speaking on this topic, Colleen Zakrewsky, SVP for Business Development and External Relations, stressed the importance of supporting communities in need. She emphasized that many are spending a higher portion of their incomes just to get food on the table. That is why is imperative for FINCA’s donor community to continue to have an impact where it matters. Scott Graham, VP for Research and Data, then presented the results of surveys that show the extent of the growing food insecurity challenge in both Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was followed by comments from Melissa Tickle, Investment Manager with FINCA Ventures. She introduced two new investments that FINCA Ventures recently made in Zumi and Ricult.

The webinar also featured presentations by Courtney Clark and Molly Hollowell about their recent trips to Africa. During their visits, they met with employees that work at social enterprises supported by FINCA. Additionally, in commemoration of Make-a-Will Month, Rhoderick Mensah demonstrated how to make a bequest through FreeWill, a free online tool that makes the process quick and easy.