A Hum of Human Kindness

Diane Dropsho, FINCA Supporter since 1989

Back in 1989, Diane Dropsho did not really know what microfinance was all about. She began supporting FINCA when a young family friend working for FINCA appealed to her for support. At the time, she did not think about her contribution too much. Yet, since then she has been a monthly supporter and has even sat down for lunch with CEO and President, Rupert Scofield.

During an emotional phone call more than 25 years later, Diane expressed her deep pride in FINCA’s growth and personal reverence to FINCA’s mission. She said,

“The more I’ve learned, the more inspired I’ve become.”

Diane now lives a quiet life in Madison, WI, but in the early 1960’s she served on the police force in Detroit, MI. She primarily worked in the women’s division where she frequently encountered desperate levels of poverty and inequality. She said,

“I saw the devastation of people who were excluded from the system.”

She saw an overpowering sense of hopelessness and pain without access to financial services. Over the years, she’s found some hope and inspiration in FINCA.

Diane’s inspiration and continued support for FINCA comes from her belief in providing lasting financial opportunities for women throughout the world“I can see the fallout of women not having money.”

Over 25 years, Diane says she has seen the transformation of FINCA clients from people struggling to get by to

“brilliant entrepreneurs on a simple and small scale”.

She believes that low income women can be the best money managers. Beyond a small loan, FINCA has seen countless examples of clients expanding on their improved business to create savings and greater potential for their futures.

The images of beaming women and their small businesses that Diane receives in her mail from FINCA show her that small loans and lasting support “made all the difference” to these women. Diane added,

“For women to have pride in their work and country is tremendous.”

Upon reflection Diane believes that it is FINCA’s purposeful mission and warmth that keeps it going. She said, “There is a hum of human kindness that is the platform of FINCA”. Indeed, at FINCA we strive to provide sound financial services, but also build a sense of community between FINCA employees and clients.

Thank you, Diane for your kind words and loyal support to FINCA. No matter the distance between FINCA, our clients, and supporters, we hope that our mission and stories can reach everyone and provide hope for brighter futures throughout the world.