Fireside Chat with Rupert Scofield and John Hatch

FINCA co-founders, Rupert Scofield and John Hatch share their memories in a fireside chat. They reminisce about their work in the field dating back to the early 1980s. Following some challenges, they succeeded in launching FINCA International in 1984. Eventually, their vision of “village banking” helped many low-income families in Latin America, Africa, and Asia escape poverty.

Rupert and John also discuss milestone events that shaped FINCA. From its work in microfinance in Latin America and Africa and the high profile attention that work garnered, visits from both Hillary and Bill Clinton as well as the actor Natalie Portman and numerous other luminaries, to expansion into the Caucuses and Central Asia following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

They also shared their vision for the future and the importance of supporting the “poorest of the poor.”