A BrightLife Super Agent

BrightLife sales agent Violet Namirembe with her children.

When Violet Namirembe joined BrightLife in 2019, she was determined to make an impact in her area in Kayunga, central Uganda. At the time, she ran a small shop selling clothes, but she had bigger ambitions. As a mother, she wanted to be able to not only provide for her two young children but also to set an example about the value of hard work and purpose in life.

So, when she met an agent from BrightLife and heard about its work to bring clean energy products to underserved and off-grid families, she jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. Violet was already familiar with the industry from her previous job with a solar company. She knew she could be a great agent for BrightLife.

Once she joined, Violet began to display BrightLife’s solar products prominently in her clothes shop and made sure all her customers knew about them. She would highlight the benefits of the solar products and the flexible payment options. Thanks to her passion and exuberance, many of Violet’s customers became BrightLife clients.

BrightLife sales agent Violet Namirembe demonstrating a solar home system to a potential client.

Violet made sure to visit the clients regularly to hear about their experience with the products. And, she encouraged many of the clients to become BrightLife agents, too. Before long, she had built up a network of agents in the area. Violet was so successful at her job that BrightLife promoted her to a regional supervisor in just a few months.

Violet is grateful that she has a supportive husband who does not mind sitting in for her at the shop to sell clothes while she goes out into the community to convert more people to become BrightLife clients and agents. Above all, Violet is proud of her team.

I have a great relationship with my team and clients. In fact, many of us have become very good friends. It makes me really happy whenever I visit them and I find that they don’t have any complaints.