A Big Thank You to Our Supporters: Cheers to YOU in 2022!

As 2021 comes to an end, FINCA wishes everyone a happy holiday season. To our generous community of supporters, we extend a huge thank you. You have stepped forward at dire times to help us provide masks in Uganda. Soon after, you responded to natural disasters in Haiti and kept funding social enterprises. Your partnership in this exceptional year of hardship has helped thousands all over the world, and for that we are most grateful.

As a tribute to your generosity, here is an overview of three FINCA campaigns you supported in 2021:

Mask Distribution in Uganda:

Uganda has imposed one of the strictest pandemic lockdowns in the world. Lack of access to vaccines and PPE exacerbated the situation. In response, FINCA UK worked with a London-based safety company to distribute 1.5 million respirators in Uganda. An additional 1.3 million masks went to the Ministry of Education in Uganda. This effort aimed to support a quick and safe reopening of schools. Limited access to electricity makes it nearly impossible for students to engage in virtual learning. Therefore, returning to the classroom is even more urgent.

In these difficult times, our clients’ needs continue to change and FINCA’s mission is to always be by their side. Our donors’ response to emergency funding enables us to meet this goal.

FINCA’s Emergency Response in Haiti:

On August 14, 2021 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti’s southern peninsula killing over 2,200 people and injuring another 12,000. Massive devastation ensued in the town of Les Cayes, about 25 miles from the epicenter and the lives of hundreds of thousands were changed forever.

FINCA’s response was immediate, sending local staff emergency cash assistance and distributing canned food items and hygiene supplies. We also launched an emergency response fund and our generous donor community stepped in to help. Within a few weeks, FINCA International raised more than $250,000. FINCA Haiti is using the donations to forgive loans made to families that have lost so much.

FINCA Ventures:

This pandemic has been a time where so much in life is uncertain. While some decided to stop investing in social enterprises and opted to wait for the pandemic to pass, we at FINCA, continued our work. Together with our generous donors and partners, we supported the growth of social enterprises that are making a difference. In 2021, FINCA Ventures invested $2.3 million, in new companies and follow-up investments. Furthermore, FINCA Ventures was able to make seven new investments and two follow-up investments. Continued funding of social enterprises, throughout 2021, has inspired many communities to find sustainable solutions to poverty.

To our community of supporters, thank you! We are so appreciative of your partnership in 2021 and we look forward to doing more to help alleviate global poverty. Cheers to YOU in 2022!