3 Recipes to Spice up Your Holiday Menu

The holiday season is almost here! As you plan to gather with friends and family to celebrate, consider adding these recipes from three hard-working entrepreneurs in Malawi, Guatemala and Nicaragua to your holiday menu!

Vilma Similox’s Papaya Smoothie

Every morning at 5 am, Vilma Similox stands behind a table covered with fruits, juices, eggs, milk, yogurt, and boxes of vitamins, ready to greet customers with an eager, bright smile!

The 37-year-old mother of three runs her fresh juice stand in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Her unique creations of smoothies and vitamin-enhanced juices help to pay for rent, household expenses and school fees for her children.

And with FINCA’s loans, Vilma was able to buy equipment for her juice stand, helping to grow her business and her profits. Vilma’s business has done so well, she and her husband were able to rent a larger and more comfortable house to better accommodate their family.

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Mary Ntembenuzeni’s Mandasi

Mary Ntembenuzeni Malawi 1050

Mary Ntembenuzeni bakes buns, bread and fried cakes, known locally as mandasi, out of her bakery in Malawi. She first started with FINCA in 1998 with a $1 loan for her home-based business. She used her second loan of $24 to buy three ovens and hasn’t looked back since!

As her bakery grew, she was able to purchase land, where she built a modest but comfortable home and two modern shops. She also bought a motor vehicle and successfully educated her children.

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Juana Cano’s Turkey and Rice Stew

Juana Cano Nicaragua 1050

In a bustling market of Jinotepe, Nicaragua, Juana Cano works day and night selling soup to hungry customers.

Juana has been working in the market for 34 years. Her tasty dishes attract a large crowd of lunch and dinner seekers.

Though Juana is a relatively new client of FINCA, she has already seen the benefits of her small loan. The loan helps her to buy her ingredients daily from other food vendors in the market. With the profits, she has extended her small home to better accommodate her five daughters and her son.

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